Denise Gonsalves

A graduate of the UP College of Mass Communication, Denise fancies herself a writer even though she spends 80% of her writing time staring out a window. Her hobbies include jamming to old school music and researching ways to help save the environment. When she’s not busy overthinking a story, you can find her underwater, hanging out with schools of fish.

Stories List

30 Mins. With Ariana Agustines

Shark populations around the world are facing rapid rates of decline. What could that mean for us?

Stars In Their Eyes

Away from the noise of the city, Filipino astronomers find peace, and progress, in the night sky.

Where the Green Grass Grows

Session Groceries, a fledgling company in Baguio, uses technology to take care of Filipino farmers.

Sleight of Hand

What draws someone into a craft, and what keeps them in it?

The River Warriors of Pasig

A resilient group called the River Warriors are fighting to protect the fragile waterways of Metro Manila.

30 Mins. with Chef Carlo Echegaray

The Peruvian chef on what it means to connect our cultures through food.

In Defiance of the Indie Film

There’s more to Philippine cinema than your average formula film.

Recreating Goyo’s Historic Battles

What happens when you travel for a living? Lexter Tarriela shares his experience working on Heneral Luna and Goyo