Nina Unlay

Nina is GRID's former Features Editor and current Editor-in-Chief. She's supposed to be a writer, but she spends most of her "writing time" banging her head on the table and pretending to be a photographer. She has also survived sleeping in the jungle and driving off cliffs. She asked to be acknowledged for helping Paco Feng Shui the office.

Stories List

Portraits of a Chef

Six of the Philippines' best chefs on what gets them up in the morning, and what keeps them up at night.

Man vs Machine

Our worst driver takes one of the world’s safest cars on a road trip to Batangas. What could go wrong?

Whang-od Loves Coco Martin

We take a trip to Buscalan to meet a national treasure only to find out that things aren't what they seem.

Off the Beaten Path

Some people have been waiting a near-decade for the slow, sleepy town of San Vicente to catch up.

The Wrestling Revolution

The Philippine Wrestling Revolution begins and ends with a group of fans.