Chiara de Castro

Chiara is the former Managing Editor at GRID. She started her career in non-profits and research with a background in international relations and development. Her work across various mediums include writing for documentaries on heritage conservation and producing apps as a content strategist in Singapore. After a three-year hiatus from media production (whilst teaching yoga), Chiara fell in love with an issue of Grid and returned to publishing. She currently co-runs a soap company, obsesses over salt, and shares an apartment with two cats.

Stories List

The Price of Salt

Famous on the internet as “The Dinosaur Egg,” Bohol’s Asin Tibuok now stands on the brink of its own extinction.

The Art of War

Amid the Marawi conflict, the people of Lanao del Sur fight to preserve their culture through art.

Ugly Delicious

Why should looks be so important for food that’s valued for its nutrition?

The Odyssey

A land dweller, a speedboat, and 80 nautical miles to go.