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Wired to Connect

Through this time of global uncertainty, Eastern Communications finds ways to keep people connected.

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Finding ways to make communication simple and accessible is something Eastern Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. (ETPI) is not unfamiliar with. Since its beginnings in 1878, Eastern has been a leading local figure in terms of connectivity.

Eastern Communications’ colorful history shows the advanced pace of local communications during the Spanish regime, because of submarine cables laid out to provide swift and reliable ways for correspondence. Telex and telegram services in the country were their way of propelling the country’s communication experience forward. 

As digital advancements appeared in later decades, Eastern Communications was present to address the needs of each generation. The provision of Asian submarine cable connections to the Philippines in the 70s made way for developments in the 80s such as electronic mail and high-speed data. Following this, their programs in the 90s dealt with providing fax solutions, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) systems, and debit card payphones. The next decade allowed Eastern Communications to show their capacity in providing Gigabit Ethernet and IP services. 

  • Est. Read Time 3 mins.

Each generation has its high and low points, whether or not connectivity is directly involved. At the moment, the world faces a crisis seen in the Covid-19 outbreak. Where many industries are affected, none more than communication is of utmost importance in order to keep everyone afloat. With a legacy that spans more than a hundred years, Eastern Communications has the advantage of experience on its side in providing connectivity solutions. 

Currently, Eastern Communications is picking up the pace on the expansion of their facilities, targeting larger coverage in the next few months. “Eastern Communications has transformed in terms of the services we’re now offering our customers and we have also expanded our footprint in other key areas in the Philippines. Our goal this year is to go nationwide,” shares the company’s Marketing Director Jedrek Estanislao.

Given the current conditions, Estanislao also asserts, “We understand the difficulty that our fellow citizens are experiencing right now. We at Eastern Communications are committed to extending support and guidance to our clients in essential establishments and other companies in this challenging time.”


As a means of business continuity, while companies implement work from home or skeletal workforce to minimize close contact, reliable and cost-efficient solutions are available through Eastern Communications. 
Residential users have the option of Eastern Home, an unlimited high-speed Internet that can accommodate uninterrupted connection ideal for those working from home. Eastern Home’s connectivity is also prime for uninterrupted e-learning, streaming, gaming, and browsing. 
Businesses can also harness the potential of technology through Eastern Cloud, a cost-effective solution for storing and sharing company data and applications securely over the Internet which improves work efficiency. Eastern Communications will provide access and guidance on the use of the Eastern Cloud to clients.
Office 365, on the other hand, is a cloud-based line of subscription services, providing users access to Microsoft programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and so on. Educational information to assist in its usage has been dispatched to Eastern Communications’ existing clients. 
On top of presenting solutions to help businesses function amid the pandemic, Eastern Communications has also come up with ways to assist essential establishments. Banks, hospitals, and other service establishments that are existing Fiber1 clients in Metro Manila and Cebu will be offered three free pieces of Wi-Fi Mesh. This eliminates areas around the facility where connection may be hard to come by, ultimately expanding the reach of Internet connection. 
Healthcare facilities using Eastern Communications’ Internet Direct Service—a premium service with a 1:1 connection ratio—can expect cost reduction of up to 30%, on top of free access to Office 365 under the special renewal program. 
As this pandemic persists, Eastern Communications continues to strive to create solutions in keeping things moving along despite the circumstances, just as it has been in the years that have come before.