Stories List

The Faces of Pride

Celebrating the community’s diversity also means remembering the fight towards acceptance, love, and equality.

Of Gods and Of Men

Just how much value falls upon a single grain of rice?

The Art of War

Amid the Marawi conflict, the people of Lanao del Sur fight to preserve their culture through art.

Notes on Maguindanao

A datu goes to his hometown with food history on his mind, and returns with more.

The Wrestling Revolution

The Philippine Wrestling Revolution begins and ends with a group of fans.

Searching for Auntie Asthrine

Can specialty coffee save our farmers?

Water Breathers

What pro freedivers are learning from the Sama of Davao

A Man Called Horsefly & Other Stories From the Masbate Rodeo

Forget what you know of Filipino Fiestas, you’ll find no flowers or saints here at the Masbate Rodeo.

Portraits from the Field

Francisco Guerrero captures the many different faces of Filipino.

Making Waves

Waves for Water Philippines, a young organization dedicated to providing access to clean drinking water.

Poking at Pinoy (Interrogating Philippine National Symbols)

A critical look at the evolution of Philippine national symbols.

The Mysteries of Being Filipino

From the very beginning, our history, our language, our land, and our personal stories have defied expectations.